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Holzma Panel Saw, Controller HELP Please!
Have a Homatic Controller in our Holzma Saw, need controller and parts help
By Kevin Bair on 18 June, 2001 - 11:06 am

Hello, I hope Someone can help,

Holzma Panel Saw.

We have a Homatic Controller in our Holzma Saw. Date 1990. Power supply in slot 1 NT 40, CPU slot 2 CP 60 program # 7318cad2 05.01.95. the next 4 slots have a name of MAESTRO, MGC1, MARC, Mm2m. then we have to encoder readouts PNC1, PNC1, next inputs E243, E243 Then outputs A163,A163.

We need to fine out who makes the controller and what we need to download ladder program. Or get a copy the ladder logic for this model saw. We do
not have a copy of the ladder program and waste so much time troubleshooting the saw.

--- Kevin Bair


By Torulf Wiberg on 18 June, 2001 - 12:28 pm


the producer is Homag in Germany. This is a link to their website:


Torulf Wiberg Tel. +46 (0)411 533 110
Deterministic Control AB Fax +46 (0)703 83 08 08
Karl Kulls v=E4g 6 Mob. +46 (0)70 595 09 97
SE-274 56 Abbek=E5s

By Peter Mahler on 18 June, 2001 - 5:11 pm

the Controller was made by B&R-Automation

You should directly contact Holzma-Machines in Germany to get an readout of the machine-program, or to get help with your problems.

Best regards

Hello kevin,

I have several Holzma saws and have used the B & R software.

B & R stands for Bernecker & Rainer.

The software for the PLC you mention is MSDOS Based.

On "our" saws there is a monitor for entering cutting patterns also there is a "Status" check screen for checking the status of Inputs/Outputs/Markers/Timers etc.

Talk with Holzma in germany and request a print out of the ladder diagram.

By Jim Wertz on 19 July, 2003 - 11:44 am

... these saws are a pain without the understanding of the logic...

-Holzma Converter for laptop to PLC
B&R Model # BRKAOL5-1
-Software to view/modify logic
B&R Model # Swpic-3

Order from B&R Industrial Automation Corp.

Hi Kevin,

How did you go with your Saws issues?

If you need help or spare parts for this type of controller I have many in my pocession.

Kind Regards

Serge C.

>If you need help or spare parts for this type of controller
>I have many in my possession.

I could use spare parts for this control

just read your post. I have a problem with a Holzma Beam saw. need a spare B and R maestro MC01 card. my own is damaged and not working.

if you can help, please email me,

By lee ketterman on 11 April, 2019 - 11:37 am

I'm asking does anyone have a monitor or parts from a used monitor for a Holzma panel saw 1995 model Hpp42-33?