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What output should I expect in this circuit?
I have to find the correct value of output voltage for a simple OP07 circuit having a constant dc input

I have a voltage and current regulated 2 kw power supply which gives me kv overshoot error. In regulating section an OP07 is used. Acording to PS documents output pin of this OP07 at standby condition (pin2. = 0v, pin3 = 0.1v) should be 2.75v, but I am measuring 14 v. I need to know the correct voltage at the output to determine whether or not there is a problem with the circuit. It could be a printing mistake at the documents. I want to be sure it is a printing mistake or something is wrong with the circuit.

Please check the attached circuit (open loop condition) and let me know what should be the correct voltage at point x?

Is C1 parallel with C2?

"Is C1 parallel with C2?"
They would appear to be in parallel.

It's a bit of an odd circuit which suggests OP07 is not a straightforward amplifier
and maybe not an op-amp to have clamping diodes connected directly to it's output.
Are there any markings on OP07 to indicate what it is?