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Condensate Pot Support
Condensate Pot for pressure transmitter installation.

Our project requires condensate pot for Pressure Transmitter installation whose tapping point for Gas Service is higher. I was told that the tubing can hold the pot. Do you have details for the support in case the pot is larger?

The pipe-fitters always seem to take care of supports without a lot coaching. Sometimes close coupled to a root valve. I have seen pipe, as opposed to tubing, used on occasion for support.

Slide 24 at Slideshare has AS-Schneider (Germany) supports for valves and measuring instruments:

I'm curious as to why there's a condensate pot in a vapor/gas impulse line at all? Why not let any condensed liquid drain down into pipe directly?

I know these pots are old tech already. The client maybe conservative. Thanks for your reply. We moved forward with what you advised.