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Honeywell DCS
Difference Between Honeywell Plant Cruise By Experion and Experion PKS DCS system?

What are the major differences between honeywell Plant Cruise DCS and Experion PKS DCS?

I have found both system using same controller C300 but Different Part No. Again I/O modules are not same. For Plant Cruise system they offered S8 IOM which is different from Experion PKS. Asking them answer was found that both are complete DCS but for cost optimization and smaller system they offer plant cruise.

So if anyone knows anything more detail regarding these DCS please share with me.

Thanks In Advance

The Esperion Plant Cruise in cheaper, but it is limited in redundant equipment. If you need redundancy down to the controller and IO-Module level you need to have a Experion PKS with C300.

The other chance is to use the new UOC (Universal Operational Controller) it is specifically designed for batch application has a lot redundancy options, but not everything, has more performance then C300 and use main Ether I/O for sensor and actuators, therefore you may have difficulties in a hazardous area. UOC us the CEE (Common Execution Environment) then a C300 as PlantCruise controllers do. The choice you make depends on the type plant and process you have to control, the cheapest might not be the best on a long term run (may you the plant for 20+ years), have a strong look the long term operation- and maintenance costs.

>What are the major differences between honeywell Plant
>Cruise DCS and Experion PKS DCS?

From a Plant Cruise solution note:
PlantCruise by Experion's innovative technologies are vital to improved plant performance and better business results, and can be implemented in a way that suits your individual site.

- Tightly integrated DCS and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

- Honeywell's Experion C300 controller for robust and versatile control

- C300 simulation for proving out control strategies

- Honeywell's patented, high-performance Fault Tolerant Ethernet (FTE) control network

- Optional redundancy at all levels: server, network, C300 controller and Series 8 I/O modules

- Direct Station never loses view or control of field devices

- Honeywell's patented, revolutionary ProfitŪ Loop algorithm for predictive control

- Unique I/O module design for compact footprint, and efficient installation and maintenance

- Improve accuracy and reduce installation footprint by up to 54% with new TC/RTD module design

- Improve efficiency and reduce configuration time by up to 30% with Honeywell's enhanced Control Builder and newly styled Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

- IEC 61850 interface enables integration with the electrical system in a single control/SCADA platform

- IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) support for system-wide SOE

- Powerful reporting tool for debugging and system maintenance

- Smart device integration through industry-standard protocols such as HARTŪ, FOUNDATION fieldbus, PROFIBUS and Modbus

Plant Cruise is less expensive because there are no redundant Experion servers between the field and the operator stations. It uses Direct stations which are a combined server and operator station. I don't know what the point, SCADA and controller limits are for a Direct station.

You will have to ask Honeywell.

good luck