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EST 3 Fire Alarm System
Adding new sensors to an existing loop on the EST3 System using 3SDU.

I've been tasked to add a few new sensors to our existing fire alarm systems (EST 3).

Since I'm fairly new to the system and lack solid experience I've ran into a some difficulties. First and foremost, using its software (3SDU). I tried searching online and found a 'student workbook' which mainly focuses on the EST3 panel itself rather than the 3SDU.

What I want to do right now is simply view our existing loops on the 3SDU without making any changes to the system. Any help is highly appreciated. If you require any details about the system, please let me know.

Try this manual it may be of help.

Thanks for your reply but like I said, I need help with the 3SDU (software) aspect of things. I have already gone through this manual and it focuses mainly on the EST3 panel.

>Try this manual it may be of help.