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Bailey infi90 - MTBF
MTBF data for Bailey System

Does anybody have a MTBF data for the listed modules?

The existing Bailey ifi90 has the complete redundent configuration; (NW, PCU, PS)
the modules on the rack shows;
with IEPAS02 etc....

The Console type is OIS42,

Thanks & Regards,

By Chris Jennings on 2 May, 2009 - 3:40 am

I don't have offical or even scientifically proven MTBF data but I have worked on two sites with Bailey Infi-90 equipment of the type you have specified. At one site, which had rather severe corrosive air (Kraft pulp and paper) the equipment was showing signs of hitting the upward sections of the bathtub curve at 10 years. At the other site (bauxite and alumina refinery) the equipment was in very good condition and showed no signs of reduced reliability. The main problem is obtaining new equipment which allowed for common spares.

Currently my rule of thumb is that I would be considering the lifecycle for a control system is 10 years. I believe this is the minimum period of time that a vendor is obliged to support a system for.

Chris Jennings

Can you contact ABB?

Failing that if you have a reasonable history of failed items and the times at which they failed it is possible to analyse the MTBF using the Weibull method. Might help you decide on spares holding and/or control systems replacement. I'm sure you can find references to this in any good reliability book.


By Douglas Firlotte on 4 May, 2009 - 11:58 am

A old unpublished Bailey document listed the following MTBFs

IMMFP02 33.7 Years.
IMDSI01 16.8 Years
IMDSO04 38.6 Years
INNIS01 13.2 Years.
INNPM01 16.4 Years.
INICT01 12.9 Years.

Based on the failures at my site these numbers appear reasonable for equipment in a good enviroment.

If I rember correctly a refurbisment of all Bailey Power Supplies was recommended every 5 years. My IEPAS02 power modules have been in service for 17 years with no failures after the first couple of years.